Bee Feature : Teddy Bear Bee

The Teddy Bear Bee

Amegilla (Asarapoda) bombiformis

The Teddy Bear Bee is distinguishable by their charming chubby bodies! Only around 15mm long, these non aggressive bees simply want to get on with the job of collecting nectar and pollen for their nest. Teddy Bear Bees are solitary bees, this means that each female builds an individual nest for herself in a small burrow in the soil. However, some like to build nests in a more sheltered location such as a creek bank or underneath a house!

The Teddy and Pollination?

The Teddy Bear Bee collects pollen using thick fur on their legs. This pollen is collected for the Teddy Bear Bee's offspring. As the bees travel from plant to plant they transfer pollen along the way allowing for the plant to be fertilised! This transfer of pollen (the male part) to the stigma (the female flower part) leads to the fertilisation of the ovule which in turn creates seeds that then turn into fruit.

Some fun facts 

  • They have remarkably long tongues!
  • They develop a bald spot as they age; on their thorax (in between the head and the abdomen)
  • The are found Australia wide

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