About Us

Our Mission

Bees Please by MBarnett Designs was started in June 2020 with the aim of creating a way for bee lovers to take part in raising awareness for our Australian pollinators 

Our mission is to educate people about the importance of pollinators and their role in our communities. Through our blog pages and social media we will be sharing information about Australian pollinators and also small ways you can help out the bees at home 

Who Are We?

Bees Please by MBarnett Designs was founded by Artist and Designer Madeleine Barnett. Madeleine started her first company, MBarnett Designs, in 2017 selling illustrated greeting cards and printed tote bags that featured ecologically focused slogans
 “At MBarnett Designs we have always been environmentally conscious and aim to create something useful, creative and with a much bigger message." 
Madeleine's interest in bees was first sparked upon a trip to rural NSW 3 years ago. “I went to a place called the Beekeepers Inn in Bathurst in rural NSW which made me do some more research into bees, beekeeping and of course about honey,” Barnett said. "There is a lot of good work being done in bee conservation and Bees Please by MBD was founded on the idea of giving bee lovers a way to express their passion and raise awareness for the importance of bees in our local communities"

Where do you come in?

By supporting Bees Please by MBarnett Designs you will be helping us to continue our plight to educate more people about the importance of not only bee conservation but the important role of all Australian pollinators 

Wear your pins, totes and tatts with pride and tell all who will listen the reason you are supporting the bees!

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